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Your Gifts Come From Above

You have gifts and all your gifts came from above.  When I was first nudged to do my hair accessories, I didn’t think that I had a gift. Ever.  I always thought that gifts and hobbies were for other people but not for me.  I went to school and learned a skill and lived my life. But when this gift fell on my lap, I decided to dabble in it to keep my head afloat from other things going on in my life.  GOD put this in my heart and hands to sow into it to not only keep me distracted from these thing but to sow and grow something that I never would have thought of.  Because of HIM I am in this position now of journeying my way thru business and crafting and because of HIM I am going to share some tips I’ve learned along the way this month beginning every Tuesday and Thursday.  HE has allowed my gifts of loving to read and write into a blog.  HE has instilled a real hobby into my heart.  HE has allowed my creative chakras to flow smoothly and into something more.  And much more yet to come. Your gifts come from above.

_090919 Your gifts EK SFF


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