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You Have To Charge For Your Product

Do you feel guilty about charging for your product?  Do people try to haggle prices with you at show events?  Do family members expect it free or get a “family discount”? Heck! I’ve had all types of scenarios happen to me.  One time a one man under paid by  .25 cents to make a point that my product is not worth another quarter! I’ve had girl’s that were so drawn over to my booths with Mom’s viciously dragging them away and giving me that eye look all while I’m smiling back because I knew my product was worth something.  And something they didn’t want to pay for until they see their daughter’s face.  In the bible it does say about contentment. And GOD’s love is rooted inside of me and if I trust him to give me the gift of making something then I can trust I can charge for my product.  Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me. If HE is giving me the courage, platform, gaining confidence, the ideas, the ease of tearing down invisible walls, and going for it, then who can be against me.

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Yes, charge for your product without any guilt, my sister friend! You are not charging them only for your material but rather for your time.  You are charging for your family. You are charging for your bills, your vacations, your kids needs and yours.  Perhaps for a car payment.  You are charging for all the love, time, sweat, tears, and time take away from your family to put something back in your financial pocket. Don’t ever feel guilty about charging for your services, products, or items.

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