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You Are Granted Permission

Whatever you are seeking to do in life, job, change lifestyle, or change something for the better of your current status. You are granted permission from the most high. Everything that you are seeking that will improve your life, your families life, your job has been granted from above.  Anything that you cannot foresee or are seeking to get to create, develop, change, or go toward too, you are granted permission from the most high.

Monday 072919 EK SFF

There isn’t really a wall. It’s ourselves stopping us from progressing to the next steps.  Yes, them hard and scary steps, but necessary steps.  What we have developed in our mind is an invisible wall that seems to stop us from going forward.  You are granted permission from the Most HIGH.  Granted permission to succeed. Granted permission to progress. Granted permission to doing it scared. Granted permission to fail, fix, and grow. Now give yourself permission.  Give yourself the opportunities.  Give yourself permission and extinguish that invisible wall.  Give yourself permission for HE has granted you permission since birth and even before.

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