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With Eyes Wide Shut

When GOD came to Mary to inform her that she would have a baby born out of wedlock, she trusted him with his will and ways with her.  Can you do that?  Can you go about life and make decisions based on his will and ways?  Or do you fight against every decision you make.  Causing self doubt and second guessing yourself?  GOD has his own way of speaking to us individually.  Even when we are doing great, HE speaks to us.  When we are weary, HE speaks to us.  HE sees in us before we see physically.

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When I am in deep need of guidance, I ask him for guidance and let the thought process rest so that HE can take over and show me the guidance sought. Sometimes I have worries and issues but then I remember to let it go with prayer and find some peace doing other more important things. My priority is to prayer first, release, and find peace. If I only place worries first then I’m constantly looking with eyes wide open and never finding the solution, creating more worries, and finding no peace.

Place your trust in GOD with eyes wide shut and let HIM take over your situation.



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