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When You Think You Can’t Anymore

As I begun this journey of my new website, new blog, new podcast, new ideas I had great self doubt. I had doubt in my ability or I couldn’t deal with the big, hard, and scary things. That I would fail. That everyone would be laughing or doing that famous side snicker you hear in your networking groups, family gatherings when they question if you are any longer doing “that thing” you were doing before, or advising you to do less of this and do away with that.  Fear builds up and takes over.  Fear and doubt take control and lose years off your path.

When you are not ready, you are just not ready.  Even when fear and doubt has subsided you can still not be ready.  It’s like a catch-22.  You must be ready.  Ready to be ready to be ready.  I choose now.  I choose now to be ready. Ready that I can conquer the fear, the self doubt, ready to fail because you better believe it sister, I will fix it and I will go full speed ahead. I rest assured that I am being lifted to the most high!

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