The Accessory Box Waitlist

The Accessory Box Waitlist

SFF The Accessory Box

Most of our SFF Headbands are REVERSIBLE which make all of your seasons even more flipping fun!

Each headband has a theme name.

We are truly about providing fun hair accessories!

At Share The Flippin Fun, it’s also all about color, your mood, your fashion style & fun!

I’m so excited to be sharing and creating!

Doors to our official Share The Flippin Fun Accessory Box are opening soon.

You friends have been inspiring us to keep creating more funtastic experiences to be shared.

This fun surprise box is for the busy female who rarely makes time for yourself. Taking care of everyone & everything else, this surprise box will surely lift anyone’s spirit. Best of all some items can shared with another.

*A limited number of boxes will be available.

Joining our waitlist will ensure that you are among the first to know when doors to

Share The Flippin Fun Accessory Box are open.

My name is Estela & I’m a self-declared headband bandit by default. My beautiful baby daughter is the one who inspired me to attempt to make her a monkey headband.

I love a good challenge. Wore a good one to the store and the store clerk was so impressed to know where did I buy it at?

An idea sparked and has blessfully grown into these beautiful headbands!

I have been gathering all the good stuff, handcrafting and designing each individual headband with the same love that was put

into it for my daughter when she first asked for her monkey headband!

There will be no monkeys this time but plenty of fun color, glitz, and glitter all flipped into one!

I wear the headbands and people will ask where I purchased them from.

What a hooting story those are!  My daughter’s friends will purchase them from her.

My husband has sold some right from the top of our heads.

I have sold thousands to girls little leagues! Now that one tickles me and what a blessing!

And… it’s all 100% handmade.

I have destroyed a few good manicures I’ll say.

I am obsessed with colors, materials, glitz, & bling and making heads prettier and sparkle!

Did someone say GLITTER!

Crafted in Texas. Crafted by a Mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in my box?

Each box contains 3 items one being our popular Share The Flippin Fun Headband(s) along with our FAV customer requested Quote Cards.

How much is the box ?

Each box will be $47.00 plus $9 shipping.

When will I be billed?

Your credit or debit card on file will be automatically charged on the 1st of every month.

When will my boxes arrive?

Boxes arrive every month. Box will ship USPS Priority Mail on or before the 15th of that month. If the mail service has a hiccup we will notify you immediately & what to expect next.

What if I need to cancel or skip a month?

We understand that things come up and that you may need to suspend your membership. If you need to cancel, please let us know on or before the 15th of the month prior so that you do not get charged. (For example, if you would like to skip the January box, please let us know by December 15th.)

Is there a commitment or can I cancel anytime?

No commitment.  If you need to cancel your subscription, please log into your account on this website and cancel.  Please note: Cancellation requests much be received 14 days before your billing date (1st of the month) or you will be charged for the following month.