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The Snack Series – Wednesday

Wednesday The Snack Series Share the Flippin Fun Estela Kelley (2)


Deli Cheese Rolls

Grab a few slices and layer cheese and roll and layer in a serving tray. And tada! Done.  Roll a few more if you are sharing the snacks with others in the household.  Accountability goes a long way.


Toasted Avocado & Egg

I’ve recently heard of this one though it’s probably been around now.  You toast your favorite bread, slice up an avocado and lightly smash and season with a little salt and pepper is so desire.  Then slice up a boiled egg & layer a few slices on top.


It’s Wednesday and now you should have 6 snack recipes that you can alternate for next week.

Avocado Slicer | Slicer  | Serving Tray

Gluten Free Bread | Dave’s Killer Bread


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*Not a dietician, nutritionist, nor claim to be any other than a Mom who is here sharing & putting a mental blessings onto myself and others who can resonate with putting together a snack meal plan.

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