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The Snack Series – Thursday

Thursday The Snack Series Share the Flippin Fun Estela Kelley


Cracker Ready Snacks

Get some crackers, slice up some cheese, and ham or roast beef and layer onto your favorite low carb cracker.  I would not refrigerate with the cracker as cracker might soften up a bit.

Chocolate Banana Slices

Slice up a banana (preferably an already cold banana – if you like them frozen then freeze) and drizzle on top some hardshell chocolate and allow it to set.  It will set faster if banana has some coldness to it.

Slicer  | Serving Tray | Banana Slicer



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*Not a dietician, nutritionist, nor claim to be any other than a Mom who is here sharing & putting a mental blessings onto myself and others who can resonate with putting together a snack meal plan.



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