Monday Mindset EP 92
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EP 90 Idle Idol
89 Twiddle
Ep 88 It's A Crazy Time For Business
Episode 87 To The Stay At Home Mom It's Not Just An Idea
Episode 86 You're So Vain
Episode 85 Don't Be Flaky
Episode 84 Get Started
Episode 83 Should You Be Bragging
Episode 82 To The Stay At Home Mom - You Have An Appointment
_Episode 81 Are You Unnecessarily Stuck
Episode 80 Nourish To Encourage
Episode 79 I need Space (2)
Podcast 78 TTSAHM Your Talents are registered (1)
Podcast 77 Double Minded (1)
Podcast 76 How To Make FB work for you
_Podcast 75 How Do You Know If You're On The Right Track_
Podcast 74 What is DFMFS (2)
Podcast 73 To The Stay At Home Mom - You Are The Way (1)
Podcast 72 This Is The Time To Live
Podcast 71Passover Trolls
Podcast 70 Don't Lag During Stressful Times
Podcast 69 To The Stay At Home Mom Jammie Time
_Podcast 68 Be The Encourager
Podcast 67 Journeying My Way Through Business & Crafting
Podcast 66
Podcast 65 To The Stay At Home Mom Dried up
Podcast 64 Newness In Strength For Your Business
Podcast 63 The Fire Behind Your Success (1)
Podcast 62 Set The Course With Ordained Steps
Podcast 61 Girl You Can't Cover That Gray Up EK
Podcast 60 Breathe Life Into Your Life EK SFF
Podcast 59 When Do You Make Money EK SFF
P.E 58 No Amount of Surface Stuff EK SFF
Podcast Episode 57 My Nudge Story EK SFF
Podcast Episode 56 Ask & It Is Given EK SFF
Podcast Episode 55 To The Stay At Home Mom EK SFF
Podcast Episode 54 GO EK SFF
Podcast Episode 53 Worrying  EK SFF.png
Podcast Episode 52 The Stage of Halt  EK SFF.png
Podcast Episode 51 Realigning EK SFF
_Podcast Episode 50 Be Totally AwesomeEK SFF
_Podcast Episode 49 Daydreaming is Powerful EK SFF
Podcast Episode 48 Faith Over Fear EK SFF (1)
Podcast Episode 46 Don't Settle for Good Enough EK SFF
Podcast Episode 45 You Are Successful EK SFF
_Podcast Episode 44 Keep Your Blinders On and Go For It EK SFF
Podcast Episode 43 You Should Charge Higher Prices EK SFF
Podcast Episode 42 Reasons Why To Charge For Your Product EK SFF
_Podcast Episode 41 Your Gifts Come From Above EK SFF
Podcast Episode 40 We Are Going To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business EK
Podcast Episode 39 Working Smarter Beats Talent EK
Podcast Episode 38 Nudged By GOD Real EK
Podcast Episode 37 Urgency & Faith Real EK
Podcast Episode 36 Procrastination is Real EK
Podcast Episode 35 Pivoting Your Mind Is a Powerful Think EK
Podcast Episode 34 Tips for Work At Home Summer Mom's EK (1)
Podcast 33 Feeling Guilty About Making Money & Having Dreams Estela Kelley (1)
Podcast 32 Networking 101 Estela Kelley
Podcast 31 Pray, Know, and Wait Estela Kelley SFF
Podcast 30 Why a Scarcity Mindset Is Keeping You Poor Estela Kelley SFF
Podcast 29 GOD Knowing Estela Kelley SFF
Go Beyond Your Norm Podcast 28 Estela Kelley SFF
Create Your New Story Podcast 27 Estela Kelley SFF
Podcast Episode 26 Inner Circle Book Estela Kelley SFF
Podcast Episode 25 Are You Ready To Receive All The Good Things Estela Kelley SFF
Podcast Episode 24 Prioritize Your Life & Business
Podcast Episode 23 Guard Your Mind Faithfully
Podcast Episode 22 Unscare Yourself Faithfully
Podcast Episode 21 Be Faithfully Driven
Episode 20 If the Plan doesn't work, Change the Plan. Keep the Goal. Estela Kelley
Episode 19 Making the Shift in Business and Life Estela Kelley
Podcast Episode 18 Not Today Satan, I'm Covered with HIS love
Episode 17 Create Your Life
Episode 16 Fail, Fix, & Grow
Episode 15 Brilliant Tips Before Entering That Craft Show
Episode 14 Game Changer in Your Habit of Thought
Episode 13 You Don't Need to be Facebook Verified, You are FoolProof Verified
Episode 12 ultimate ways to break the doubt
Episode 11 Curious Skills, Talent, & Time Estela Kelley
Episode 10 How Do You Serve
Podcast Episode 9 Up Play Your Groot (1)
Podcast Episode 8 Easy Steps to Meeting Your Future Goals
Podcast Episode 7 Create Balance & Harmony
Podcast Episode 6 Be Strong & Don't Doubt Less
Podcast Episode 5 If You're Not in the Boat, You're already drowning
Episode 4 It Won't Work, If You Don't (1)
Episode 3 Breaking the Vendor Code to Making More Profit in Your Pocket (1)
Episode 2

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”