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The Amazing Helping Hand

I witnessed yesterday that when everything’s in God’s hand, one has a better ride. Better mindset, values, and personality. When one is off that track, things are obviously more complicated. When one is not obediently faithful to our GOD above through a combination of prayer, reading the bible, being silence, serving, caring, and loving and whatever else makes one feel closer to him this will always throw them off track. GOD is good all the time. But GOD always wants us to get closer to him and calling on him even with the most smallest minute things going on in our daily lives. There is no better source of advice than thru him.

When everything's in GOD's hand, one has a better ride Estela Kelley SFF (1)

Whenever everything’s in GOD’s hand our way of thinking is on a different plateau.  We think more openly and generously give of ourselves to better things or situations.  We add value because we know HE put that in our heart and soul. So we then have a can do mindset.  Yes, HE gave us free will, thoughts, desires, but when we are in line with HIM our values are set high within. And our personality is awesomely bursting with happiness!  We enjoy a better quality of life!

With much love, grace, and favor onto to you!

XOXO Estela Kelley

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