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Work From Home Tips And Balancing Family Life

Lot’s of people work from home just like the abundant amount who work outside the home.  But if you are the type who works from home and has to juggle a family and work life,  I have some tips to ease that during the summer.

Work From Home Tips & Balancing Family Life (2)

There are several types of work from home.  For example,

  • someone can work from home but has regular 8 to 5 office hours for a company. The kids and family have to understand that you cannot play hooky on your bring the bacon home money position.
  • Then there’s the other part time jobs where someone works for a company but half day hours.  This type of job allows the part time working parent to do most of their work in the AM hours and off the rest of the day.  Which is a much ideal way to balance work and family activities.
  • Next, is the bread winner who works from home but all the work is performed outside the house, such as a plumber, AC repair man, contractor, etc. This type of job is similar to the 8 to 5 corporate job.
  • Lastly, is the work from home entrepreneur that can work any hours of the day but preferably has their own schedule and has to juggle the family life. Sometimes there are times when they have to leave the house to do the job.

These tips are for the work from home entrepreneur that has to balance work and family life while the partner is away doing their big boy job. For starters, I’ve provided a list here.  You know I love a good list to keep handy!

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