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Nudged By GOD

I always wanted a hobby since I first was asked what is my hobby. Which I never considered myself a crafty hobby person.  I was always more academically a book worm. I love to learn and study.  A few years ago, I was challenged by my beautiful baby daughter to make her a monkey headband. Granted I do not know how to sew or have my Mom’s patience for sewing, I accepted my daughter’s challenge and off to creating I went.  I later discovered in the creating process I was stumped big time and so wanted to impress her rather than going to the store and buy her one. Why the challenge came out? I don’t know. But at that time I was going thru a hard time and this became my new focus. A focus put upon me or us through GOD.  I believe with all my beings of atoms in my body and all the air molecules that this challenge was put into my mind not only by my daughter but GOD. HE made it possible for me to put focus elsewhere.  To put good positive focus to create something great with my hands. GOD’s nudge.

DFM 081919 Nudge By GOD EK SFF

The nudge appeared again during my vacation. To begin my journey again of designing. And that’s my tag line on my Facebook business page:  Journeying my way through business & crafting. All nudges by GOD.  Everything that has been shared, posted, created, designed, idea, thoughts of my headbands are all #nudgesbygod Nudges By GOD!  Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

What I am saying is this:  If you have a desire, an idea, or something that you need or want to begin. Listen to the nudges because the answer and solution are all set in place.  Trust the process to begin seeing the path!

Headband Beta Box Launch – SOLD OUT! What to request another launch? Go here!

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You Are Granted Permission

Whatever you are seeking to do in life, job, change lifestyle, or change something for the better of your current status. You are granted permission from the most high. Everything that you are seeking that will improve your life, your families life, your job has been granted from above.  Anything that you cannot foresee or are seeking to get to create, develop, change, or go toward too, you are granted permission from the most high.

Monday 072919 EK SFF

There isn’t really a wall. It’s ourselves stopping us from progressing to the next steps.  Yes, them hard and scary steps, but necessary steps.  What we have developed in our mind is an invisible wall that seems to stop us from going forward.  You are granted permission from the Most HIGH.  Granted permission to succeed. Granted permission to progress. Granted permission to doing it scared. Granted permission to fail, fix, and grow. Now give yourself permission.  Give yourself the opportunities.  Give yourself permission and extinguish that invisible wall.  Give yourself permission for HE has granted you permission since birth and even before.

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Plentiful Pesto Dinner Options

You’re invited to our Sunday Dinner! You are always invited and welcome to our home to have some good eats, chat, and coffee afterwards! Today it’s all about continuing and ending the pesto theme with some plentiful pesto dinner options.

Pesto Dinner Options EK Sunday Dinners

The grilled shrimp dish I simply poured a few spoon fulls of the Basil Pesto ala Presto while the shrimp was almost done with some egg noodles I had on hand.

The next dish was a grilled chicken breast and simply poured a few spoon fulls of the Perfect Basil Parmesan Pesto toward the end of its cooking stage as well.  Any reserve in the pan, I pour over the salad as my dressing.

Pesto Dinner Options EK Sunday Dinners (1)

Lastly, I used my new FAV, Canola Garlic Oil Parmesan Pesto as a dipping sauce or drench over an individual crab cake!  These pestos are great for mixing and matching.  Even for a simply pesto mozzarella toast!  So delicious and easy!  They will store for about 4 to 6 weeks in the refrigerator in a well sealed container or jar.

Items Used: Oster Blender | Plastic Container Cups | Small Wood Serving Bowls

From my kitchen to your table! Bon Appetit!


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Podcast Episode 34 Tips For Work At Home Summer Moms

There are an abundant amount of woman who stay home and work. Work with taking care of the kids, work a part time job, or a side hustle. I’ve done all the things.  Granted it takes a very concentrated and focused mind to deliver all the goods and services along with balancing family and home duties. Listen to some ideas that might just get your juices flowing and tweaking it along for your situation.

Podcast Episode 34 Tips for Work At Home Summer Mom's EK (1)

With much love, grace, and favor onto you.

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Deep Faith Monday

Stay In The Happy Zone

Stay in the happy zone by not worrying or playing a scenario over and over with the worst outcomes. Life can grab up by the horns and yank at us in all sorts of ways. However, worrying doesn’t add to one’s life.  It doesn’t make the day better, does it?  Does it keep one in the happy zone for long? No.

_Monday 072219 EK SFF

Worrying expends an abundant amount of unnecessary energy.  Maybe for that one person it’s a coping mechanism but shut it down before life shuts down. Shut it down before wasting all these precious minutes and hours on something that will more than likely not become.  Rise up and become a better giving person by staying in the happy zone.  If you must worry so, give the worry up to GOD.  Hand it over graciously and be on your day as you were called to be.  HIS plan is bigger than a worry.  HIS power is grander than worrying all day or all week. Be gone worry and welcome in a breath of happiness.

Matthews 6:27


FAV Amazon Face Deals

If you missed my Facebook Lives on my FAV Amazon face items, don’t worry!  It’s all here along with my usual basic routine. But first, if you haven’t signed for AMAZON Prime. What are you waiting for!!! Below is a sign up link to get these amazing FAV’s of mine and get some really good most of the time FREE shipping deals sent directly to your home.

My Fav Amazon Deals (1)

First thing in the morning I wake up and wash my face with Aveeno Face Wash and rinse.  I then apply my fav face cream Retinol Advanced, no matter if I’m wearing makeup or not for the day.  I won’t put it on if I’m going straight to the gym after I drop off the kids.  I’ll save it for after my gym shower and then I’ll smear it on.  Fun, huh!

Let’s be honest…it takes a village!

On a very cold day and my skin needs more help I’ll use some Olay cream as a secondary backup. But again, after I’m done with my exercise. No sense in wasting on sweat!

Next, if I’m going out or want to wear makeup, I’ll then apply a good size dime drop of It Foundation and let it set before I use anything else. 

At the end of the day I’ll wash off my makeup again with either Aveeno Face Wash or the Aveeno scrub, if I have more makeup than usual.  I follow with an astringent…sometimes. I know. I know, I need to get better at it.  I never had much acne prone skin. Knock on wood!  Afterwards, I apply my night creams of Olay Regenerist sometimes or if I feel my skin needs something more, I slap on again my Fav Face Cream or Retinol Advanced!  A little Vitamin E oil and good night! If there’s a zit, I use Tea Tree Oil and let is soak in all night long.

And my favorite before a big event or date night I use my face lift in a jar! My Alpha Hydroxy Cream. This is better than them Diva Rings.  And no  a Diva Ring is not contraceptive related either.  Google it! This fav cream literally gives you fresh renewed skin without going under the knife and shelling out thousands! WARNING: I don’t recommend using everyday and you must use SPF the next few days if outdoors. All instructions should be on the jar. And don’t use before going to an outdoor sunny event. And remember less is best.  It has 7.8% Gylcolic Acid. Rule of thumb here is don’t go over 10% if using it sparingly at home.

This is how I use it. Let’s say I’m having date night with my Big Kahuna or I just want my skin to feel refreshed for the weekend and without going to see an esthetician.  I would prepare 3 days ahead of my event, date, or weekend.  And do I this consecutively for 3 nights.  That would be Wed., Thurs., & Friday. I take a nickel size of the cream on my finger tips and rub in (not on eyelids or  inside the nose…who does that!).  I also use it on my neck and back of hands. This will soak in all night and do it’s work.  It will revive and encourage new cells.  I would begin minimally because it has a slight tingling effect.

I’m becoming a bit more consistent and daring and now I’m trying charcoal mask sheets and mud cream masks every hump day. That’s Wednesday, you know that right?

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Let me know which one’s you tried and like.

Fav Face Cream | Another one of my Fav go to face creams | Charcoal Mask Sheets

It Foundation | Aveeno Face Wash | Aveeno Face Scrub | Olay Regenerists

Tea Tree Oil | Alpha Cream


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Podcast Episode 33 Feeling Guilty About Making Money

Podcast Episode 33 Feeling Guilty About Making Money and Having Dreams

This has so many layers for me so I’m going to try my best to stay as linear as I can. Listen in to my story how following a dream can put guilt into one. And how I overcame such guilt over time. It’s ok to have dreams. It’s ok to make money.  It’s ok to have things because good thoughts turn into good things.

Podcast 33 Feeling Guilty About Making Money & Having Dreams Estela Kelley (1)

With much love, grace, and favor onto you.

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Perfect Basil Parmesan Pesto

You’re invited over to our Sunday Dinner! I am continuing the PESTO theme. Dare you to say Perfect Basil Parmesan Pesto 5 times. It’s good tongue twister.

Perfect BAsil Parmeson Pesto EK Sunday Dinners

Today I’m making more pesto prepping for some delicious meals another day.  Who doesn’t like to prep and have some handy ingredients for making dinner time easier, tastier, and more delicious! This one includes some parmesan cheese to round out and smooth out all this amazing simple ingredients.

It’s all here on this quick vid!

Imagine the possibilities on which meals to use on.  You decide and let me know what goodness you made!

Items Used: Oster Blender | Plastic Container Cups | Small Wood Serving Bowls

Don’t forget AMAZON PRIME DAYS July 15 – 16!

From my kitchen to your table! Bon Appetit!


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My Amazing Super Power of JESUS – Deep Faith Monday

Another beautiful Monday and it’s gorgeous! I’m grateful for all the beautiful and exciting things that are happening and about to happen. And sometimes even on beautiful days, we allow a bad thought to come in and invade our happiness. And to bring such feelings of nothingness. Thoughts like, you have nothing, therefore you will be nothing. You can’t do any thing because of not having nothing, or can’t make ends meets because there’s nothing to look forward to. Or sometimes you can find yourself in a catch 22 situation and fall into the never land of nothing thoughts of despair. That’s when you use your super power of JESUS!

My super power is Jesus 070819 EK SFF

The super power of Jesus is an awesome place to be, let your hair down, to cry, to pray, to thank, to be happy and rejoice. And being allowed to be fragile in HIS presence and feel HIS love for us. To sense that HE is always there to uplift us at any time of any moments in our lives.

Decide to reach for your super power as well too! Decide to be happy! Decide to block out bad thoughts. Decide to grow in strength in HIS Amazing Super Power! And 1, 2, 3 you are on your way to receiving amazing blessings your way.