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Monday Faith Fire Series #81 |Let Go of The Storm

I sure hope some of these Monday Faith Fire Series blog posting I write have helped many out there get their Monday or new week ready for success and lead an abundant and healthy work week. To set someone and even myself in a better spirit of receiving any and all goodness GOD has provided. To guide us together in hope and faith that even when we can’t see you in front of us that we need to be able to hear you in our silence. You are the creator of the Earth and universe. You are the Lord that controls the weather. And you are the Lord who controls our storms we weather daily, weekly, monthly, to years. Sometimes one can hit a wall and continuously keep hitting that wall until they release the fear. And fear is trust.

mff 81

Today I ask that you pray for yourself and anyone who needs to let go of the storm and that they can have a full life. The life they are meant to live. Let go of the storm and let GOD handle it. When in living in fear one can see and feel no hope of good things. When one lives in Christ, one can see and feel real love. Love for life. Love of hope. Love of having good things in life with hope.