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Everything’s Hopping Decor

I’m noticing that Spring decor is popping up more and more.  And I love to go window shopping as much I love to decorate. Each season brings its own palette of colors, textures, and new ideas to the table.  Each holiday is so different from the other.  How can one decorate on a budget and decorate each season, let along each holiday?  I’ve figured out some stuff.

First of all, stay in the same color hues for 2 seasons is one idea that way you don’t have to spend a fortune each season and introduce or take away some parts of season.  For example, if I were to decorate from Spring time and transition into Summer, I would choose my color for the next few years.  This year, I’ve remodeled parts of my home, so I’m introducing yellow walls, pink, greens, and some slight grays (maybe). My living room walls are yellow and kitchen is green.  I have this beautiful picture with some vibrant hot pinks and that’s what I’m concentrating on. Since it’s Spring, I am looking for hot pink flowers and rugs, accessories, and such. And this will be a very easy transition into Summer and Fall thru Winter. This was not planned but my winter theme has become a Whoville palette and theme. And Whoville colors are bright, whimsical, and so so pretty, glamorous, and glitzy.  My whole point and decor I’m going for these days.  I’m so excited as you should decorating your home as well.

Here are some pictures of some must haves, easy to pop out of your She Shed or She Space to decorate and easy to store.  Which is another project I must tackle on rather quickly!
Floral Easter Bunny Pillow

Who doesn’t love a Peter Rabbit in their Home!?

If you prefer the farmhouse white out then go with this:
Happy Easter Rae Dunn Easter Pillow

Keep popping in some slight color in with these beauties! Add a spring time blanket and you are basically done in the living room!

Buffalo Check Easter Pillow

For your front door, throw in a mat and wreath and you have an inviting welcome center for your family and guest.
Hippity Hop Easter DoormatGreen Easter Eggs Wreath

Next, your kitchen/dining area is just as easy as well. What I like about some and most Easter decor is that eggs are food so you can display them year round, pop the eggs off for fall decor, slide in some Fall leaves to create more fluff. Fall/Winter ends, remove seasonal leaves, and pop eggs back in! Such easy ideas, huh!

Easter Egg Hunt CenterpieceMulticolor Easter Eggs GarlandEaster Carrot Door Hanger

XOXO Estela KelleyDecorating on a Budget.



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Must Have Modern Farmhouse Decor

Let’s get Spring Decor ready (here) with these amazing deal. It’s not really hard to decorate.  You simply add or take away what you like and don’t like and arrange according to height, color, or scheme. There’s also a balance element, unity, and proportion. For example, most living rooms have a fireplace, so the fireplace becomes the focal or center of the room and mostly everything should be in proportion to it with color, height, and scheme or theme.  Most small living rooms designers use mirrors to make it appear bigger and strategically place decor.  There must be a rhythm where it emphasis the main theme of the decor creating a feeling of balanced harmony.

Often times when you are a newbie decorator as myself, I begin with first scanning the room. Where the windows are placed and doors and my main harmony I’m trying to bring into the room.

Modern Farmhouse Decor 2019

I’m not super crazy about just farmhousing all my home.  I like some glam and the Big Kahuna (aka husband) likes manly rustic! Go figure how my home can look if I let him take over.  More like a car in living room, tire barstools, and some car part sink! And don’t forget about the urinals lined up along the wall. However, I can certainly mix in more of the Modern Farmhouse Decor with some glam and rustic look minus the urinals (hahaha).

I think what is provided above is a great starter set to get Modern Farmhouse Decor ready this spring.

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