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Nudged By GOD

I always wanted a hobby since I first was asked what is my hobby. Which I never considered myself a crafty hobby person.  I was always more academically a book worm. I love to learn and study.  A few years ago, I was challenged by my beautiful baby daughter to make her a monkey headband. Granted I do not know how to sew or have my Mom’s patience for sewing, I accepted my daughter’s challenge and off to creating I went.  I later discovered in the creating process I was stumped big time and so wanted to impress her rather than going to the store and buy her one. Why the challenge came out? I don’t know. But at that time I was going thru a hard time and this became my new focus. A focus put upon me or us through GOD.  I believe with all my beings of atoms in my body and all the air molecules that this challenge was put into my mind not only by my daughter but GOD. HE made it possible for me to put focus elsewhere.  To put good positive focus to create something great with my hands. GOD’s nudge.

DFM 081919 Nudge By GOD EK SFF

The nudge appeared again during my vacation. To begin my journey again of designing. And that’s my tag line on my Facebook business page:  Journeying my way through business & crafting. All nudges by GOD.  Everything that has been shared, posted, created, designed, idea, thoughts of my headbands are all #nudgesbygod Nudges By GOD!  Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

What I am saying is this:  If you have a desire, an idea, or something that you need or want to begin. Listen to the nudges because the answer and solution are all set in place.  Trust the process to begin seeing the path!

Headband Beta Box Launch – SOLD OUT! What to request another launch? Go here!

Deep Faith Monday, Faith, Family, Perseverance

Doing It Scared, Under HIS Care

Doing It Scared, Under HIS Care

Recently, I’ve introduced a Headband Beta Box Launch because I’m more than ready to creative, give, and share my talent and skills to the interwebs.  And this Beta Launch is about to happen really soon, quick, fierce, fast, and furious.  I’ve previously done many craft shows in Houston, TX. Craft shows such as the mom and pop one’s, juried, 3 day weekend events, and out of the city shows as well.  Did I like it?  Yes! It was a great learning experience. It was a great step up from a daughter challenge to selling them at shows.

08 I rather go Bra Shopping Estela Kelley SFF

Everything I’ve learned and more is so different from an internet launch. Totally opposite fields. With this beta launch, I’m so ready to receive all the goodness, the fails, the learning, and the growing from this launch!  So excited! At times I do get scared but I’m covered by HIM.  Doing it scared, under HIS care! How awesome is that! My desire for expansion has reemerged this creativity  of mine which I call, “My Thing” to be shared through a launch! This launch is not about a launch! It’s something more here. Nudged by GOD. #nudgedbygod #doingitscaredunderhiscare

On my Facebook Live today, my deep thoughts were let it go.  Girl, let it go!  If you need to unzip that pant for a few moments, unzip it.  If you desire a piece of cake, go eat it!  If you desire to share something with someone, then go do it. Letting it go means doing it scared but under HIS care. Let go of the worries. Let go of the dirty house if you need to focus on something else for a few days.  Let go of whatever is ailing you and trust HE’s providing everything for you. Amen! Amen! Amen!





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Exciting Egg Waffles

You’re invited to our Sunday Dinner to sit with us, gather, chat, laugh, eat, and have some coffee afterwards!  Egg waffles is nothing to laugh about.  They have a mixed texture of a quiche, waffle, and souffle all rolled in one.

Egg Waffles 080419 Sunday Dinners

Ingredients were: 4 eggs, 1 cup thawed out hashbrowns, 3 tbsp. sour cream, 1/2 cup cheese, and seasoning. Watch the video!

Items Used: Bella Waffle Maker | White Dinner Plates

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Podcast Episode 34 Tips For Work At Home Summer Moms

There are an abundant amount of woman who stay home and work. Work with taking care of the kids, work a part time job, or a side hustle. I’ve done all the things.  Granted it takes a very concentrated and focused mind to deliver all the goods and services along with balancing family and home duties. Listen to some ideas that might just get your juices flowing and tweaking it along for your situation.

Podcast Episode 34 Tips for Work At Home Summer Mom's EK (1)

With much love, grace, and favor onto you.

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Don’t Get Snarky, Get You Some Jesus

As I was reading my go to devotional this AM I decided to dwell more into it based on lives perspectives.  Many times as an individual we come across many types of personalites, situations, and circumstances that most of time have nothing to do with us.  Some times people, kids, spouses, colleagues and neighbors will toss in a snarky remark, urgent, or under lying malicious remark/comment. Now in defense of both sides, I sometimes notice that it’s not their entire fault but it’s inherited from their family baggage. In reality, this baggage has nothing to do with us but more of them. So what do I do or suggest?  Stop, Drop, and Roll!

Monday 071519 EK SFF

No of course not! In all seriousness, I would suggest to Stop, Turnaround, and Run but during that time, I would silently pray for them.  Now, if I see that they are in deep misguidance I would suggest to ask if I could pray for them. You would shocked as to how many people would say yes.

There is no point in getting snarky back. No point in remarking or encouraging such behavior and think this is a reflection of you.  This has no bearing or weight over you unless you give it power. JESUS is your stronghold. Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my stronghold of my life. Make HIM the stronghold over your thoughts and over the people that are acting up around you. Make HIM the stronghold of how you react and simply walking away from such environment or comments will prove to you how the LORD is taking a stronghold of you. Let JESUS cover you in HIS blanket of everlasting love, guidance, and strength this week and always going forward.

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Basil Pesto ala Presto

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner!  Format has sort of changed but concept is the same! Good Food and Good Gatherings at our home and with you! It must be PESTO month!

Basil Pesto ala Presto EK Sunday Dinners.png

Watch here how I make it with my wild Texas Size Bun! It’s hot in Texas & I love it!

This is a basic sauce I use over my grilled chicken. Cook chicken until done and drizzle some of my Basil Pesto ala Presto and heat thoroughly at the end of the chicken cooking. Should only take a couple of minutes. This is how I make my green chicken! Can also spread some on a sandwich or salad!


Items Used: Oster Blender | Plastic Container Cups | Small Wood Serving Bowls

From my kitchen to your table! Bon Appetit!



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Jerk Pork Chops

Jerk Marinated Porkchops EK Sunday Dinners

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner!  You are always invited to have a seat at our table, chat, eat a meal, and have some coffee afterwards. Guess what today’s meal is?! Yep! Jerk Pork Chop with some easy store bought ingredients. The other white meat.

Let’s begin! Grab 2 pans. Once for the sauce and the other for the veggie mix.

I’ve provided the Memphis spice found at your local HEB if they have them in your town.  If not use this chosen spice to sprinkle on the pork chops, the marinade/dipping sauce and paired it with the perfect veggie mix.

Note: As for the Jerk Marinade, preferably purchase at your local grocery store. Not very many on the market unless you are very familiar with the company and shipping/refund policies.  You can also substitute a very zesty favorite BBQ sauce of your choice.

Jerk Marinated Porkchops EK Sunday Dinners (4)Jerk Marinated Porkchops EK Sunday Dinners (5)

Jerk Marinated Porkchops EK Sunday Dinners (1)

Bon Appetit!

XOXO Estela Kelley


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Why A Scarcity Mindset Is Keeping You Poor Podcast Episode 30

Why A Scarcity Mindset Is Keeping You Poor

Why A Scarcity Mindset Is Keeping You Poor? Scarcity is in all areas of our walks of life and things. Sometimes we need to be aware and limit ourselves to this.  What is a scarcity mindset? It seems so vague but stay with me here as I demonstrate some of these layers. Layers such as having more than enough, hoarding, jealousy, unacknowledgement, and inherited scarcity. And how to grow out of this mindset. This was a testy podcast, I must admit but as one matures into the right spirit of things is when there is real change, growth, and gratitude!

Podcast 30 Why a Scarcity Mindset Is Keeping You Poor Estela Kelley SFF.png

Listen in,  take a kind ear to my podcast and give us a review, comment, and share so we can continue to share the blessings of life, home, faith & business.

With much love, grace, and favor on to you.

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Deep Faith Monday

Fully Equipped

As one is finding their way through life, work, and family situations.  One can often feel discouraged with thoughts of, “I can’t do this.”, “This is to hard.”, “Why can’t I figure this out after so long!”. Beginning something new can be hard and scary, all at the same time along with other factors.  Factors such as nay sayers, lurkers, and just general bad advice. Here’s my mid version story:  I was a working corporate Mom, working 8 to 5 juggling 3 kids who are close in age and entered upon a new marriage.  The new marriage was new but at the same time hard.  Did I stay in the marriage. Yes. Are we still together? Yes. Has it gotten better? Way, YES!  For the sake of grins, has he understood my love language and vice versa? All 5 of them! The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Oh heck, yeah! It was about communication and believing. And lots of faithful prayer!

fully equipped 062419 Estela Kelley SFF

I later became laid off and stayed home every since and working for my husband’s construction company. But the creative part of me began itching at a time when I needed validation and prayer over me and my new family. I discovered I had a skill that later became a hobby to a small side hustle. Did I once say to myself, “I can’t do this!, I can’t meet my daughter’s request.” Of course I did!  Her request a few days later became a challenge, which later probed my analytic hat to discover that I can do this. And I did! Never took a sewing class or signed up for any craft classes. Never had a previous hobby or something I enjoyed doing besides some writing. Never made anything with my physical hands.  Like an actual something from start to finish. A physical product that I proudly made. And the entire time, I had them doubts in my head. Give it up. Go to the mall or Target and just buy her one. I tried to minimize my idea but with GOD’s help HE assisted me with the right action, thoughts, and prayers. I know & witness that HE provides and that I can pray, know, and wait for his answers.

Friends, if you are in the middle of a season, surrounded by naysayers or lurkers, or transitioning from something to something new. Even if it’s hard, new, and scary. Believe, trust, and know that you are fully equipped – Hebrews 13:30-21! Can I get an AMEN!

With much Love, Grace, and Favor!

XOXO Estela Kelley

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Marinated Flank Steak

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner!  You are always welcomed here to have a seat at our dining table, kick back, chat, have some dinner, and maybe coffee and dessert afterwards. Like my easy and Amazing Strawberry Dump Cake!

Today what’s on the menu is Marinated Flank Steak! Complements of my son, Aidan. He’s the original chef who made this for us (minus the veggies).

Marinated Flank Dinner EK Sunday Dinners

Let’s begin with! You guessed it, gathering our ingredients!

Marinated Flank Dinner EK Sunday Dinners (2)

Marinated Flank Dinner EK Sunday Dinners (3)

Remember to wait for that glossy shine in the oil to shine thru before tossing in your steak onto the hot pan. It doesn’t take long.  If the oil burns, it can change the taste of the entire meal so make sure and have all the prepping done. At this stage, you can also toss in a few red pepper flakes, if you like some heat to it. As the oil heats, the red pepper flakes will release it’s natural oils into the pan. Discard all of the remaining marinade.

Marinated Flank Dinner EK Sunday Dinners (4)

Marinated Flank Dinner EK Sunday Dinners (1)

Serve with steamed rice in a bowl and pour the hot marinated flank steak veggies all over the rice. And enjoy!  This is the perfect quick family meal.

Items Used: Rice Bowls | Meat Scissors | Stir Fry UtensilsFajita Seasoning |Toasted Sesame Oil |Red Pepper Flakes (optional)

XOXO Estela Kelley


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