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Nudged By GOD

I always wanted a hobby since I first was asked what is my hobby. Which I never considered myself a crafty hobby person.  I was always more academically a book worm. I love to learn and study.  A few years ago, I was challenged by my beautiful baby daughter to make her a monkey headband. Granted I do not know how to sew or have my Mom’s patience for sewing, I accepted my daughter’s challenge and off to creating I went.  I later discovered in the creating process I was stumped big time and so wanted to impress her rather than going to the store and buy her one. Why the challenge came out? I don’t know. But at that time I was going thru a hard time and this became my new focus. A focus put upon me or us through GOD.  I believe with all my beings of atoms in my body and all the air molecules that this challenge was put into my mind not only by my daughter but GOD. HE made it possible for me to put focus elsewhere.  To put good positive focus to create something great with my hands. GOD’s nudge.

DFM 081919 Nudge By GOD EK SFF

The nudge appeared again during my vacation. To begin my journey again of designing. And that’s my tag line on my Facebook business page:  Journeying my way through business & crafting. All nudges by GOD.  Everything that has been shared, posted, created, designed, idea, thoughts of my headbands are all #nudgesbygod Nudges By GOD!  Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

What I am saying is this:  If you have a desire, an idea, or something that you need or want to begin. Listen to the nudges because the answer and solution are all set in place.  Trust the process to begin seeing the path!

Headband Beta Box Launch – SOLD OUT! What to request another launch? Go here!

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With Eyes Wide Shut

When GOD came to Mary to inform her that she would have a baby born out of wedlock, she trusted him with his will and ways with her.  Can you do that?  Can you go about life and make decisions based on his will and ways?  Or do you fight against every decision you make.  Causing self doubt and second guessing yourself?  GOD has his own way of speaking to us individually.  Even when we are doing great, HE speaks to us.  When we are weary, HE speaks to us.  HE sees in us before we see physically.

Trust GOD 080519 Estela Kelley SFF

When I am in deep need of guidance, I ask him for guidance and let the thought process rest so that HE can take over and show me the guidance sought. Sometimes I have worries and issues but then I remember to let it go with prayer and find some peace doing other more important things. My priority is to prayer first, release, and find peace. If I only place worries first then I’m constantly looking with eyes wide open and never finding the solution, creating more worries, and finding no peace.

Place your trust in GOD with eyes wide shut and let HIM take over your situation.



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You Are Granted Permission

Whatever you are seeking to do in life, job, change lifestyle, or change something for the better of your current status. You are granted permission from the most high. Everything that you are seeking that will improve your life, your families life, your job has been granted from above.  Anything that you cannot foresee or are seeking to get to create, develop, change, or go toward too, you are granted permission from the most high.

Monday 072919 EK SFF

There isn’t really a wall. It’s ourselves stopping us from progressing to the next steps.  Yes, them hard and scary steps, but necessary steps.  What we have developed in our mind is an invisible wall that seems to stop us from going forward.  You are granted permission from the Most HIGH.  Granted permission to succeed. Granted permission to progress. Granted permission to doing it scared. Granted permission to fail, fix, and grow. Now give yourself permission.  Give yourself the opportunities.  Give yourself permission and extinguish that invisible wall.  Give yourself permission for HE has granted you permission since birth and even before.

Deep Faith Monday

Stay In The Happy Zone

Stay in the happy zone by not worrying or playing a scenario over and over with the worst outcomes. Life can grab up by the horns and yank at us in all sorts of ways. However, worrying doesn’t add to one’s life.  It doesn’t make the day better, does it?  Does it keep one in the happy zone for long? No.

_Monday 072219 EK SFF

Worrying expends an abundant amount of unnecessary energy.  Maybe for that one person it’s a coping mechanism but shut it down before life shuts down. Shut it down before wasting all these precious minutes and hours on something that will more than likely not become.  Rise up and become a better giving person by staying in the happy zone.  If you must worry so, give the worry up to GOD.  Hand it over graciously and be on your day as you were called to be.  HIS plan is bigger than a worry.  HIS power is grander than worrying all day or all week. Be gone worry and welcome in a breath of happiness.

Matthews 6:27

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My Amazing Super Power of JESUS – Deep Faith Monday

Another beautiful Monday and it’s gorgeous! I’m grateful for all the beautiful and exciting things that are happening and about to happen. And sometimes even on beautiful days, we allow a bad thought to come in and invade our happiness. And to bring such feelings of nothingness. Thoughts like, you have nothing, therefore you will be nothing. You can’t do any thing because of not having nothing, or can’t make ends meets because there’s nothing to look forward to. Or sometimes you can find yourself in a catch 22 situation and fall into the never land of nothing thoughts of despair. That’s when you use your super power of JESUS!

My super power is Jesus 070819 EK SFF

The super power of Jesus is an awesome place to be, let your hair down, to cry, to pray, to thank, to be happy and rejoice. And being allowed to be fragile in HIS presence and feel HIS love for us. To sense that HE is always there to uplift us at any time of any moments in our lives.

Decide to reach for your super power as well too! Decide to be happy! Decide to block out bad thoughts. Decide to grow in strength in HIS Amazing Super Power! And 1, 2, 3 you are on your way to receiving amazing blessings your way.






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Ask, Believe, and Receive – Deep Faith Monday

ask believe rec 7119Estela Kelley SFF

Do you find yourself constantly ASKING or constantly PRAYING on something that will help you move forward? Constantly asking/praying for something that you are putting all your hopes and efforts into. Questioning if this is the right direction you should be heading to? Do you find yourself quivering through some uncharted territories? Do you find yourself asking on things that you may want to try, questioning if this side hustle is for you, or wanting to switch gears in your profession? Ask and pray all you want but the answers will be revealed. Answers are revealed in the silent moments. When least expecting something to be revealed.

Then the Believe stage occurs after the revealing answer is on your lap, in your head, or smack right in front of you. Use your discerning powers to assess if this is right for you. The answer is revealed so now it’s up to you to put action. Move forward, pivot, or shy away.  If you claim to not have discerning powers then use a sheet of paper to decipher some pros and cons in your head. Then you can move forward and receive.



Deep Faith Monday

Fully Equipped

As one is finding their way through life, work, and family situations.  One can often feel discouraged with thoughts of, “I can’t do this.”, “This is to hard.”, “Why can’t I figure this out after so long!”. Beginning something new can be hard and scary, all at the same time along with other factors.  Factors such as nay sayers, lurkers, and just general bad advice. Here’s my mid version story:  I was a working corporate Mom, working 8 to 5 juggling 3 kids who are close in age and entered upon a new marriage.  The new marriage was new but at the same time hard.  Did I stay in the marriage. Yes. Are we still together? Yes. Has it gotten better? Way, YES!  For the sake of grins, has he understood my love language and vice versa? All 5 of them! The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Oh heck, yeah! It was about communication and believing. And lots of faithful prayer!

fully equipped 062419 Estela Kelley SFF

I later became laid off and stayed home every since and working for my husband’s construction company. But the creative part of me began itching at a time when I needed validation and prayer over me and my new family. I discovered I had a skill that later became a hobby to a small side hustle. Did I once say to myself, “I can’t do this!, I can’t meet my daughter’s request.” Of course I did!  Her request a few days later became a challenge, which later probed my analytic hat to discover that I can do this. And I did! Never took a sewing class or signed up for any craft classes. Never had a previous hobby or something I enjoyed doing besides some writing. Never made anything with my physical hands.  Like an actual something from start to finish. A physical product that I proudly made. And the entire time, I had them doubts in my head. Give it up. Go to the mall or Target and just buy her one. I tried to minimize my idea but with GOD’s help HE assisted me with the right action, thoughts, and prayers. I know & witness that HE provides and that I can pray, know, and wait for his answers.

Friends, if you are in the middle of a season, surrounded by naysayers or lurkers, or transitioning from something to something new. Even if it’s hard, new, and scary. Believe, trust, and know that you are fully equipped – Hebrews 13:30-21! Can I get an AMEN!

With much Love, Grace, and Favor!

XOXO Estela Kelley

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Prayers For Everyone

Are you a prayer snob?  Do you only pray for your immediate and closest family and friend circle?  Do you only prayer when you or they have a request?  Are you finding yourself to be truly compassionate and not saying sly remarks onto someone or a situation?  Are you truly meaning your prayers or do they just fall short of reaching up to our Heavenly Father?

Prayers for Everyone Estela Kelley SFF 61619

There are people of all walks of life but it’s up to us to pray faithfully, pray for the less unfortunate, and pray for everyone.  Even the one’s who have hurt us or the one’s we don’t particularly get along with.  We may not ever get along but pray that situation will simmer down.  We should uplift one another all the time. Pray with a thankful heart, send prayer requests for the meek, pray for the world, and know that goodness is within HIM.  GOD is good all the time.  Send prayers for everyone.

He is pleased in us when we are pleased with helping others. Helping in many ways such as giving, charity, and prayers. Making a difference with your time, skills, and talents for the good of others. This is a pleasant offering to our GOD. He sees our sincerity, love, and concern. Be patient with others that aren’t caught up in our world in mind, spirit, and work. We need to see from the outside in and develop patience for our world and send prayers for patience for yourself and prayers for others. Send prayers for everyone.

Acts 10:4 Your prayers & gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before our GOD.