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Doing It Scared, Under HIS Care

Doing It Scared, Under HIS Care

Recently, I’ve introduced a Headband Beta Box Launch because I’m more than ready to creative, give, and share my talent and skills to the interwebs.  And this Beta Launch is about to happen really soon, quick, fierce, fast, and furious.  I’ve previously done many craft shows in Houston, TX. Craft shows such as the mom and pop one’s, juried, 3 day weekend events, and out of the city shows as well.  Did I like it?  Yes! It was a great learning experience. It was a great step up from a daughter challenge to selling them at shows.

08 I rather go Bra Shopping Estela Kelley SFF

Everything I’ve learned and more is so different from an internet launch. Totally opposite fields. With this beta launch, I’m so ready to receive all the goodness, the fails, the learning, and the growing from this launch!  So excited! At times I do get scared but I’m covered by HIM.  Doing it scared, under HIS care! How awesome is that! My desire for expansion has reemerged this creativity  of mine which I call, “My Thing” to be shared through a launch! This launch is not about a launch! It’s something more here. Nudged by GOD. #nudgedbygod #doingitscaredunderhiscare

On my Facebook Live today, my deep thoughts were let it go.  Girl, let it go!  If you need to unzip that pant for a few moments, unzip it.  If you desire a piece of cake, go eat it!  If you desire to share something with someone, then go do it. Letting it go means doing it scared but under HIS care. Let go of the worries. Let go of the dirty house if you need to focus on something else for a few days.  Let go of whatever is ailing you and trust HE’s providing everything for you. Amen! Amen! Amen!





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Ask, Believe, and Receive – Deep Faith Monday

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Do you find yourself constantly ASKING or constantly PRAYING on something that will help you move forward? Constantly asking/praying for something that you are putting all your hopes and efforts into. Questioning if this is the right direction you should be heading to? Do you find yourself quivering through some uncharted territories? Do you find yourself asking on things that you may want to try, questioning if this side hustle is for you, or wanting to switch gears in your profession? Ask and pray all you want but the answers will be revealed. Answers are revealed in the silent moments. When least expecting something to be revealed.

Then the Believe stage occurs after the revealing answer is on your lap, in your head, or smack right in front of you. Use your discerning powers to assess if this is right for you. The answer is revealed so now it’s up to you to put action. Move forward, pivot, or shy away.  If you claim to not have discerning powers then use a sheet of paper to decipher some pros and cons in your head. Then you can move forward and receive.