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My 1st Christmas DIY Sign

Yeah I finished my 1st Christmas DIY sign!  Yeah to me!  Little did I know that Primer sticks to you.  Sticks to everything so be careful if you are using this instead of regular white paint.  Since we have a construction business I’m pretty much privy to lots of material on hand.

First, I kept some pallet boards from a  couple of deliveries.  It was about to hit the trash when I had a brilliant idea to paint a Christmas sign! My hubby rolled his eyes as he saw this pallet board back at home!

I then rolled on 2 coats of white primer, let it dry and took it on back to continue.

I cut out and tape my stencils and roll on my red and green acrylic paints.  I must confess the word Christmas was too long or my wood piece was too short! I then shortened and went with just XMAS instead.  I did clean up a bit with the white paint much like using white out.

I’m including some links for y’all in case you might get the DIY bug yourself!

christmas diy sign acrylic paint 2christmas diy sign acrylic paint 1christmas diy sign acrylic paint

As far as the pallet board, I would suggest go to your nearest Home Depot, Lowes, or General Lumber store.

Here’s my finished product!  So much fun being creative!

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Must Have Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

I’ve attached some trendy things for those last minute gifts or must have stocking stuffers!  How fun it is to shop for people you love!!

Here are some of my fun links to things to shop for!  I hope you all enjoy them as much as I like to see them too.  Keep on sharing the blessings of Life, Home, & Faith this joyous Christmas season. And remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!


Christmas Must Have Stocking Stuffers 2018 1Christmas Must Have Stocking Stuffers 2018 2Christmas Must Have Stocking Stuffers 2018 3Christmas Must Have Stocking Stuffers 2018 4Christmas Must Have Stocking Stuffers 2018 5Christmas Must Have Stocking Stuffers 2018 6Christmas Must Have Stocking Stuffers 2018 7Christmas Must Have Stocking Stuffers 2018































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Get all the Fun of Christmas Deco Here

Get in all the fun of Christmas Here

Isn’t it fun to decorate your home for the holidays!  The new pine scents floating all around the house, new rugs and old heirlooms intertwining to make the most perfect atmosphere twice enjoyable.  I’ve listed a few trees thru my links that will make you get holiday ready in time for the visitors.

Seasonal Decor

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 8-Feet, Flocked Snow








National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights, Hinged (CAP3-306-75)







Best Choice Products 7.5ft Pre-Lit Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree w/ 550 UL-Certified LED Lights, Foldable Stand – Green

KING OF CHRISTMAS 6 Foot Prince Flock Christmas Tree with 350 UL Warm White LED Lights

Goplus Christmas Tree Unlit Artificial Premium Hinged Spruce Full Tree with Solid Metal Stand, 1000 Tips (6 feet, Classic Series)