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Super Charge My Monday

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content Share the Flippin Fun Estela Kelley

This is my recipe for Super Charging My Monday thru Fridays.  It begins on Sunday.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.  I love Sundays.  I really love weekends and I work from home so how does that work for myself.  Weekends are a time to slow down the mundane week load of dropping and picking up kids from school, fixing breakfast and dinners (minus Thursday because that’s like a mid week dinner break or eat leftovers if any), running errands, Dr.’s visits if any kids are sick, to helping out my Big Kahuna man who runs a residential remodeling company. I’m very busy and my schedule is tight and if there’s a must do task then I have to drop everything and my makeup my time is after dinner.  Weekends are very important to myself so I can refresh, renew, and restrengthen my spirit, body, mind, and time to unwind.

Even if I slightly fit in some work in the AM Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I slow it down a bit and give inner praise to our GOD who sees that I am doing everything that I can to be task committed.  And so HE tells me to slow it down, take a nap, read a book, watch a movie, go to the mall, play a game with the kids and chat.  But the one thing I love to do is make a big meal on Sundays for all of us.  And that day I will prop me feet up and rest because I know cooking time is coming and I’ll be on my feet a bit. A Sunday well spent or well prep for my coming week is filled with multitude of praise and gratitude to our Father who takes care of me in many ways.  Without HIM I am nothing.  So I choose HIM because with HIM I am loved.

A Sunday well spent and that includes Saturdays as well is slowing it down, giving Glory to GOD daily, spending time with my family, cooking Sunday Dinners, reading, studying, and watching some TV and curling up on couch or bed.  It may not seem much to anyone else but for myself it’s all about gratitude in renewing, refreshing, and restrengthening my spirit.

And my Mondays thru Fridays are supercharged and ready to tackle on my week.

When Sunday comes around next week think about how fulfilled you are or do you need to adjust your well spent time.

With much love, grace, and favor onto to you!

XOXO Estela Kelley


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