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Super Affordable Farmhouse Tiered Trays

SUPER AFFORABLE farmhouse tiered trays

How can you even begin to setup a tiered tray without making it appear to cluttered and jam packed?  Maybe it could become your jam jamming jelly section! Really, you can make it be whatever you choose it to be.  It’s your playground and all are invited.

tiered traytiered tray 2







I’m thinking might become a general spotlight area as everyone walks into my home and they see straight into my kitchen.  Or it might be a coffee tray area?  I haven’t quite decided yet.

tiered tray 3

tiered tray 4






It’s as easy switch from season to season. Or keep it only as a one functioning area and use seasonal decorations so as not to lose the entire function of your special tray.

tiered tray 5tiered tray 6

tiered tray 7

tiered tray 8








Once you’ve found it’s purpose the next step is deciding on what type of tray are you wanting to get for your lovely home.  A 2 tiered tray or 3? Circular or square? Wood, galvanized, ceramic, wire basket, or a mix?

After you narrowed it down to it’s purpose and type now you can start having some fun with your new beautiful tray.  Feel free to mix it up. Change it. Don’t like how it’s looking….start over and stand back and examine if that’s how you want the appearance and feel of it all.

You cannot go wrong.  It’s a super easy way to decorate a kitchen, an island, a peninsula, hutch area, buffet, or coffee station.  After typing this blog, I’ve convinced myself to get 2 tiered trays….one for a general deco feel and one for a coffee station area!

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