Deep Faith Monday

Stay In The Happy Zone

Stay in the happy zone by not worrying or playing a scenario over and over with the worst outcomes. Life can grab up by the horns and yank at us in all sorts of ways. However, worrying doesn’t add to one’s life.  It doesn’t make the day better, does it?  Does it keep one in the happy zone for long? No.

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Worrying expends an abundant amount of unnecessary energy.  Maybe for that one person it’s a coping mechanism but shut it down before life shuts down. Shut it down before wasting all these precious minutes and hours on something that will more than likely not become.  Rise up and become a better giving person by staying in the happy zone.  If you must worry so, give the worry up to GOD.  Hand it over graciously and be on your day as you were called to be.  HIS plan is bigger than a worry.  HIS power is grander than worrying all day or all week. Be gone worry and welcome in a breath of happiness.

Matthews 6:27

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