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Spring to Summer Decor

Balance Scale

Everything here on clearance for Spring Decorating Time!

Decorating in general is so much fun and therapeutic!  I’ve even started a paint project at home because I still want my items but a different color.  One doesn’t need a lot of things but a little here and there to spruce up one’s comfort zone.  This gorgeous Balance Scale Statue.  This has a very minimalist look but imagine dressing it up for winter time.  Totally doable!

Another spruce up item are White Marble and Mango Wood Cake Stand to beautifully decorate any kitchen counter(s) or display some knick knacks. Buy a few at these prices and layer them up! Pop up a Black Mosaic Framed Wall Mirror for an entryway to welcome all guests.  Best thing is, it can be completely repainted if one is super duperry handy. Some Clear Glass Stick Candle Holders for a mantel, a buffet, or staircase.  When the candle is burned replace with a simple topiary for any time during the year. Feel the vibe and love your home.

So we’ve covered an entryway, a mantel, and kitchen counters but what about the front porch entrance to fully welcome a guest or kick up one’s feet outside on the back porch?

life is better on the porch mat.jpg


Wipe one’s feet on this beautiful Life is Better on the Porch Doormat, and come on inside! The only thing on today’s agenda is complete relaxation!  This is the perfect mat for layering with them gingham mats for a stand out appeal.



A back porch area for them BBQs and family socials can easily be dressed up with this gorgeous and eye catching Sage Floral Medallion Outdoor Rug.

safe floral outdoor rug.jpg

Love your place, your home, your comfort zone!

XOXO Estela Kelley











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