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Southern Fried Potatoes

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Ready to make a comforting food for your next Sunday Brunch!  I am!  Let’s do it!

We are making Southern Fried Potatoes!  This recipe calls for some tender loving and straight from the heart and you too can achieve this easy peasy recipe.

Southern Fried Potatoes Share the Flippin Fun Sunday Dinners


Here’s the ingredient list:

1 to 2 lbs. of sliced and diced potatoes (any kind, peel, no peel if so desired) – Prep before heating up skillet and oil. Rinse and dry with a towel.

1 small diced onion – Prep before or during cook time.

1/2 lb baconbutcher box 1 – Prep during time potatoes are cooking.

Cooking Oil – Canola   canola oil here is what was used.

A nice thick pan – Preferably a cast iron is best. Cast Iron Skillets heat up evenly and best for them homemade meals.  Lots of love with this.cast iron skillet

Salt, Pepper, and some love.

  1.  Get your Cast Iron Skillet ready and pour some oil.  You will need about 1 inches of oils or enough to cover up the potatoes half way up.  Set to medium high.  It has to be skillet ready for what’s coming next!
  2. Dice up all your potatoes if you haven’t already prepped before.  Make sure they are dried. To make it Southern Fried Potatoes, you have to keep some skin on because that’s a secret weapon when it’s frying up.
  3. Pour the potatoes in the hot skillet and cover. Be careful!  You can season with some salt and pepper. Here’s the real trick to making Southern Fried Potatoes:  You have to leave them in the skillet cooking on medium high for about 10 minutes.  Yes, 10 minutes.  While that’s cooking you can cut up some bacon if you haven’t prepped that yet.

Southern Fried Potatoes Share the Flippin Fun


4.  Lower down the heat, wait a few seconds before opening the skillet. Gently pour in your bacon bits and onion bits.  Turn potatoes over section by section so the bacon and onion can get mixed in thoroughly.  Cover once more for about 8 to 10 minutes on medium high.

But let’s say you have some bacon bits already cooked up.  Simply toss into the skillet for the last few minutes of cooking time and stir in.- Share the Flippin Fun - (1)

The edges of potatoes should be a medium crisp, bacon cooked, and onions add a bit of sweetness after they have carmelized done a bit.  Add in some more salt & pepper as desired.  Bon Appetit!!!

From my kitchen to your home table.



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