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So Grateful For Her


I’m so grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving but one in particular that hits a spot. A tender spot. Is this one…my nudge story. I know I’ve said it over and over and will probably say it even more and more. If it wasn’t for the time my daughter asked me to make her a monkey headband back when she was even more of youngin’ than she is in this picture. I realize so many more things was going on. GOD used her to nudge me because I was going thru some tough times.My heart was closed and so was my mind and nothing was coming thru until she, my baby daughter asked me. And you know, a Moms gotta go what a Moms gotta do. Be the best Mom to her. And so, she was the vessel to get me to listen, hear, and lean in closer to GOD.


Today I am most grateful HE used her to get to me. Thru the spirit of a child is how my true nudge story begun.

What are you grateful today?

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