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Reasons Why You Should Just Get It Going

Life is complicated and easy at the same time. Sometimes one’s mindset gets is one of the main obstacles. But it’s not necessarily just the mindset.  It’s everything in between as well. Such as Ourselves, Family, Work, Family again, one’s daily duties and so on. Then one can’t focus or create a focus from a desire. But sometimes, that’s when one should just get it going.


Don't Worry About Getting It Right, Just get it Going Estela Kelley SFF

Remember when you were a kid and you would get in an argument or little disagreement with one of your friends or siblings, you would so put so much focus on that, that you couldn’t even begin to do anything else. The wheels are just spinning out of control in your head.  Bad ideas be churning up in there.  So all you do is sit around going over the fight in your head.  Now you’re putting so much focus on that.

In a sense, when you are fighting with your internal self, it’s the same thing.  No focus. Ideas and procrastination all churning around in a hamster wheel. What you do, is just begin.  When you are wanting to do something, a long forgotten desire, a submerged talent or idea that wants to resurface.  Allow it! Don’t Worry About Getting It Right, Just Get It Going. See, you can’t have momentum and worry at the same time.  It’s like that magnet game of putting two negatives so they never stick.  And neither will you, your idea, or anything you don’t put worry aside in a box and get it going.

So for you friends who like this even more broken down.  I’ve provided a list of reasons why you should get it going.

Get List Here.

Front Page Reasons Why You Should Just Get It Going Estela Kelley SFF

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