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Prayers For Everyone

Are you a prayer snob?  Do you only pray for your immediate and closest family and friend circle?  Do you only prayer when you or they have a request?  Are you finding yourself to be truly compassionate and not saying sly remarks onto someone or a situation?  Are you truly meaning your prayers or do they just fall short of reaching up to our Heavenly Father?

Prayers for Everyone Estela Kelley SFF 61619

There are people of all walks of life but it’s up to us to pray faithfully, pray for the less unfortunate, and pray for everyone.  Even the one’s who have hurt us or the one’s we don’t particularly get along with.  We may not ever get along but pray that situation will simmer down.  We should uplift one another all the time. Pray with a thankful heart, send prayer requests for the meek, pray for the world, and know that goodness is within HIM.  GOD is good all the time.  Send prayers for everyone.

He is pleased in us when we are pleased with helping others. Helping in many ways such as giving, charity, and prayers. Making a difference with your time, skills, and talents for the good of others. This is a pleasant offering to our GOD. He sees our sincerity, love, and concern. Be patient with others that aren’t caught up in our world in mind, spirit, and work. We need to see from the outside in and develop patience for our world and send prayers for patience for yourself and prayers for others. Send prayers for everyone.

Acts 10:4 Your prayers & gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before our GOD.

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