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Praise And Gratitude

Today is a day filled with purpose. A day filled with praise & gratitude. Funny how gratitude is really 2 words, Grateful & Attitude! Or how about Glatitude? Glad & Attitude. HE wants us to be happy. What are you most happy for today!?? I’m most happy today that I get to do things I love everyday: I love my husband and get to take my kids👬🚶‍♀️ to school, work from home & share my skills & talents. And as I was purposely putting in time for some bible reading in 🙏2 Samuel 7:21 Because of your promise & according to your will, you have done all these great things & have made them known to your servant. And then in my devotional Psalm 9:12 That HE hears every prayer & in HIS time he will reveal your answers.

Today is a Day Filled Estela Kelley SFF.png

Sometimes we get a little ancy, jump the gun, and want to shoot for the stars but GOD will reveal what needs to get done before opening your doors, your opportunities, your good choices. HE doesn’t want you to not do anything, HE wants to prepare you.

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