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Podcast Episode 35 Pivoting Your Mind Is A Powerful Thing

Podcast 35 Pivoting Your Mind Is A Powerful Thing

Change and shifting can be hard to the point of stubbornness and disobedience to yourself and your gifts. It becomes so routine and comfortable doing the same thing. Doing the safe work is comforting. And if it’s something we are doing in work or at work, it’s even harder to add on projects. And if you are that type of person who can’t handle change this is a hard lesson to learn. Pivoting your mind in how you do things daily can enhance your life goals. As individuals in society we need to be flexible. Moldable. Shiftable. In a business you need to be changing and shifting as well. Always growing and expanding. Listen in and take a kind ear to the podcast!

Podcast Episode 35 Pivoting Your Mind Is a Powerful Think EK

With much love, grace, and favor onto you.

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  1. Great information with a Godly viewpoint
    Definitely worth your time to listen.😊❤
    Estella, you are an awesome person keep
    Doing what your doing you are an inspiration!!@🙂💐

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