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Podcast Episode 32 Networking 101

Podcast 32 Networking 101

This is kind of a one of them tricky podcast because I am actually in a lot of groups and a lot of networking groups.  A lot of Facebook groups as well but this is one of the things that has been under my radar. For those of you who are new to networking let me state briefly what it’s all about.  Networking is about building relationships so an individual or group of people will buy from you or refer you out.  Networking in a group is where I would go make a social visit to the group at the groups appointed time and place. Facebook networking is where after I have gone to several gatherings of my particular targeted group is where I can then post but I must follow the rules.  And then there’s Facebook networking groups where I can spam all I want (not advisable). And lastly there’s Facebook Live Networking within my page and I have more control and such. Yep, I’m being biased here.  Listen in to the pod and gather up some ideas for your page!

Podcast 32 Networking 101 Estela Kelley


With much love, grace, and favor onto you.

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