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Podcast Episode 31 Pray, Know, and Wait

Podcast Episode 31 Pray, Know, and Wait

This is the flip side of Ask, Believe, and Receive.  I’ve been in the asking, believe, and receive stage but now I’ve gotten to the Pray, Know, and Wait stage. Do you find yourself constantly ASKING or constantly PRAYING on something that will help you move forward? Perhaps a new side hustle? Guilty! Constantly asking/praying for something that you are putting all your hopes and efforts into. A change of position or career? Yes, ma’am!

In the asking phase we wait and wait.  Floundering around and waiting for a sign up above. God give me a sign. A coin. A feather. Anything that will reveal your answer for my situation.  Sometimes in the waiting for an answer our vision gets lost because of obligations that are important and our answer is not so revealed. Sometimes you can build a vibrational roadblock to such signs.

Podcast 31 Pray, Know, and Wait Estela Kelley SFF

However, on the flip side of Ask, Receive, and Believe is the Pray, Know and Wait stage.  You pray with intent. There are no roadblocks. You know with intent that the answer is coming forth. You are on the welcome receiving end of things. And you wait with intent. The nudges, the quiet ideas, and direction are all becoming easier and clearer. Listen in as to how I made a come back to blogging. Added Podcasting. Added 3 other platforms. Added other revenue streams. And possibly coming back to headbanding! All I know is that if I didn’t quiet my mind I would not have found my answers, my nudges, my confirmation of things HE so wants me to do.  I would not have discovered this Pray, Know, and Wait stage of my life now.

With much love, grace, and favor onto you.

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