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Podcast Episode 29 GOD KNOWING

Podcast 29 GOD Knowing

A few months ago, I kept hearing this one phrase Be Faithfully Driven. And so I did Podcast Episode 21 Be Faithfully Driven. And I’ve kept this going throughout my podcast even before I recorded Be Faithfully Driven.  I couldn’t do any of this without HIS help and guidance.  When I’m stuck at something, a new concept, idea, or a just learning something entirely foreign to me, I know that GOD has my back.  It’s not GOD willing because HE’s always willing.  It’s more of GOD KNOWING. I know HE knows everything but I’m now in the receiving end of not only asking, believing, & receiving.  I’m in the KNOW.  I’m in the Pray, Trust, and Wait. Pray, Know, and Wait zone.

Podcast 29 GOD Knowing Estela Kelley SFF

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