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Podcast 22 Unscare Yourself Faithfully

Hey there my friends! Podcast 22 Unscare Yourself Faithfully is about unscaring yourself faithfully & do it scared anyway.  No one is really looking when you first begin. Am I right? Yes, you might have some followers especially when they are family or a handful of friends. Or you might be a Ms. or Mr. social butterfly and have more than the usual followers but what I’m talking about is 100,000 followers if you are just beginning.  Could this be you or is this more of you in the making? You can get there, we can all get there and what is stopping you is FEAR. It’s a valid point yes, but not valid if you’re wanting all the rewards from zero effort. This cannot possibly happen. Do it scared. Unscare yourself. Listen in to my story of how I unscared myself to swimming even though I grew up around the Texas Coastal beaches.

Doing it scared means doing something that you know not the end result, the journey nor the destination. It’s neither. Doing it scared means you are taking a risk. A big big risk.
Believing in the reward outweighs the risk.
It outweighs the future frustration.

Podcast Episode 22 Unscare Yourself Faithfully

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