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Plentiful Pesto Dinner Options

You’re invited to our Sunday Dinner! You are always invited and welcome to our home to have some good eats, chat, and coffee afterwards! Today it’s all about continuing and ending the pesto theme with some plentiful pesto dinner options.

Pesto Dinner Options EK Sunday Dinners

The grilled shrimp dish I simply poured a few spoon fulls of the Basil Pesto ala Presto while the shrimp was almost done with some egg noodles I had on hand.

The next dish was a grilled chicken breast and simply poured a few spoon fulls of the Perfect Basil Parmesan Pesto toward the end of its cooking stage as well.  Any reserve in the pan, I pour over the salad as my dressing.

Pesto Dinner Options EK Sunday Dinners (1)

Lastly, I used my new FAV, Canola Garlic Oil Parmesan Pesto as a dipping sauce or drench over an individual crab cake!  These pestos are great for mixing and matching.  Even for a simply pesto mozzarella toast!  So delicious and easy!  They will store for about 4 to 6 weeks in the refrigerator in a well sealed container or jar.

Items Used: Oster Blender | Plastic Container Cups | Small Wood Serving Bowls

From my kitchen to your table! Bon Appetit!


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