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Perfect Basil Parmesan Pesto

You’re invited over to our Sunday Dinner! I am continuing the PESTO theme. Dare you to say Perfect Basil Parmesan Pesto 5 times. It’s good tongue twister.

Perfect BAsil Parmeson Pesto EK Sunday Dinners

Today I’m making more pesto prepping for some delicious meals another day.  Who doesn’t like to prep and have some handy ingredients for making dinner time easier, tastier, and more delicious! This one includes some parmesan cheese to round out and smooth out all this amazing simple ingredients.

It’s all here on this quick vid!

Imagine the possibilities on which meals to use on.  You decide and let me know what goodness you made!

Items Used: Oster Blender | Plastic Container Cups | Small Wood Serving Bowls

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From my kitchen to your table! Bon Appetit!


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