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Outdoorsy Summer Tablescape| Shop My Home Crafts

From my kitchen to yours! (2)

It’s still Summer time and we are shopping my home for crafts to repurpose! I know many are doing their Christmas in July but this gal just can’t be that much ahead of the times.  I can dabble a little in the July Christmas things but darn it! It’s still Summer!  Just a few days ago, it was 114 with the heat index in Texas!

I found this old Thankful & Blessed Frame that has been circulating around my home so I thought why not shop my home and repurpose for an outdoor ocean theme since I do love me some Summer heat and ocean waves! I used some old brushes, acrylic paint (whatever you have on hand), and an old frame.

Here’s the 1st process of it all. If you want to see the entire beginning process, then follow me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/sharetheflippinfun  Many of you already follow me so it didn’t make sense to post up the longer video here.





I changed my mind and added some rainbow type wave to make it a bit more summerish and fun for the mermaid.









This part is totally up to you. You can possibly use some hardy type of glue to position your mermaids or nail them in. I choosed a different route only because of no nails handy and I love the idea of flexibility.

Stay with me on this.




Tada! Here it is! My very Outdoorsy Summer Tablescape! I love it!


We have this very old rusty type of rolling table which we use for our drinks and placing some serving plates and such.  It can easily be dressed up with a swoosh of a clean table cloth! Maybe that will be my next Shop At Home Craft! Thanks for giving me some ideas now!

As I mentioned, you can glue or nail the mermaids. And yes I didn’t use the turquoise mermaid, as you’ve may have already noticed! I repurposed her twice now. See what I meant about opting out of making her a permanent fixture.

I already have some seashell life stuff out back because we love to bring some stuff home from beach visits. I used some of the blue marble for water and sprinkled in some of the seashells sporadically around. And I just so love that the mermaid is jumping into the ocean filled glass! So adorable. Don’t have to be perfect. Just has to be you!

I hope come back now and revisit us soon!


closed summer box 2020

Missed out on our last restock! No worries! Sign up and snatch a box next time.



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