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Nudged By GOD

I always wanted a hobby since I first was asked what is my hobby. Which I never considered myself a crafty hobby person.  I was always more academically a book worm. I love to learn and study.  A few years ago, I was challenged by my beautiful baby daughter to make her a monkey headband. Granted I do not know how to sew or have my Mom’s patience for sewing, I accepted my daughter’s challenge and off to creating I went.  I later discovered in the creating process I was stumped big time and so wanted to impress her rather than going to the store and buy her one. Why the challenge came out? I don’t know. But at that time I was going thru a hard time and this became my new focus. A focus put upon me or us through GOD.  I believe with all my beings of atoms in my body and all the air molecules that this challenge was put into my mind not only by my daughter but GOD. HE made it possible for me to put focus elsewhere.  To put good positive focus to create something great with my hands. GOD’s nudge.

DFM 081919 Nudge By GOD EK SFF

The nudge appeared again during my vacation. To begin my journey again of designing. And that’s my tag line on my Facebook business page:  Journeying my way through business & crafting. All nudges by GOD.  Everything that has been shared, posted, created, designed, idea, thoughts of my headbands are all #nudgesbygod Nudges By GOD!  Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

What I am saying is this:  If you have a desire, an idea, or something that you need or want to begin. Listen to the nudges because the answer and solution are all set in place.  Trust the process to begin seeing the path!

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