My Inner Hobby and More for Creatives


I posted on FB Live and shared my thoughts on why you should celebrate yourself along with being faithfully driven.  My part of My Inner Hobby journey.


Breaking it all down for you!

My 1st Christmas DIY Sign


3D Paper Christmas Card 

Dashing Deer 3D effect


Black Friday Sale for the Newbie Craft Vendor

Hey Crafter Friend!  Are you wanting to turn into a Vendor & participate in upcoming shows but have some concerns or questions.  I’m so excited to be offering a 30 minute Vendor Consultation at  a Black Friday price.  Claim Your Spot & let’s get started for next year.

Breaking the Craft Vendor Code to Making More Profit in Your Pocket

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The Request

This little hobby of mine began with a request from my daughter, Savannah #babycat to make her a monkey headband to match her Bobby Jake comforter set and to this day she still has it! So I said “Sure I’ll make you one.” But deep down had no clue besides running to the nearest store and buy her one.  I accepted the challenge!  As I stressed for days on how to make her one without sewing because I wasn’t blessed with the needle & thread. I wasn’t even crafty to tell you the truth.  I often thought of crafting but never had a clue What? How? When? Why? Until she asked me.  Like they say, Ask & You Shall Receive!  I received on my end an idea that took me a week to mess around with and figure out. I worked on this daily with all the housewiving things I needed to get done from dosing down 1 cup of hot coffee (speaking of coffee, I’ll be attempting to make a new spicy coffee concoction this friday), making them breakfast (School meals are horrible, sometimes frozen they say!

The idea came like a squirrel finding his buried winter nut!  Layer by layer as the squirrel peels & cracks thru that nut, I peel & begin to crack out my first headband. I was in total awe of my ability.  My ability to create something handmade without any hobby experience! Well, later in the weeks I wore that first headband to the store and the clerk at HEB asked me where did I buy it from?  I simply replied with “I made it. See. And you can flip it too.”  Her eyes widened with the WOWness factor.  And that was enough to make a bad day turn better for me.  See I was dealing with a bad sinus headache that day.  I went home and told this to my husband and he was the one who encouraged me to crank some out and sell them.  He even went as far as telling me that I need to be on the Shark Tank show! The show for inventors.  Needless to say, I didn’t want to do that.  I was simply answering my daughters request.

Later, I’ll be showing videos on how to make these beautiful creations.  CREATIVES But for now this was just the beginning!