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My Amazing Super Power of JESUS – Deep Faith Monday

Another beautiful Monday and it’s gorgeous! I’m grateful for all the beautiful and exciting things that are happening and about to happen. And sometimes even on beautiful days, we allow a bad thought to come in and invade our happiness. And to bring such feelings of nothingness. Thoughts like, you have nothing, therefore you will be nothing. You can’t do any thing because of not having nothing, or can’t make ends meets because there’s nothing to look forward to. Or sometimes you can find yourself in a catch 22 situation and fall into the never land of nothing thoughts of despair. That’s when you use your super power of JESUS!

My super power is Jesus 070819 EK SFF

The super power of Jesus is an awesome place to be, let your hair down, to cry, to pray, to thank, to be happy and rejoice. And being allowed to be fragile in HIS presence and feel HIS love for us. To sense that HE is always there to uplift us at any time of any moments in our lives.

Decide to reach for your super power as well too! Decide to be happy! Decide to block out bad thoughts. Decide to grow in strength in HIS Amazing Super Power! And 1, 2, 3 you are on your way to receiving amazing blessings your way.






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