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Must Have Modern Farmhouse Decor

Let’s get Spring Decor ready (here) with these amazing deal. It’s not really hard to decorate.  You simply add or take away what you like and don’t like and arrange according to height, color, or scheme. There’s also a balance element, unity, and proportion. For example, most living rooms have a fireplace, so the fireplace becomes the focal or center of the room and mostly everything should be in proportion to it with color, height, and scheme or theme.  Most small living rooms designers use mirrors to make it appear bigger and strategically place decor.  There must be a rhythm where it emphasis the main theme of the decor creating a feeling of balanced harmony.

Often times when you are a newbie decorator as myself, I begin with first scanning the room. Where the windows are placed and doors and my main harmony I’m trying to bring into the room.

Modern Farmhouse Decor 2019

I’m not super crazy about just farmhousing all my home.  I like some glam and the Big Kahuna (aka husband) likes manly rustic! Go figure how my home can look if I let him take over.  More like a car in living room, tire barstools, and some car part sink! And don’t forget about the urinals lined up along the wall. However, I can certainly mix in more of the Modern Farmhouse Decor with some glam and rustic look minus the urinals (hahaha).

I think what is provided above is a great starter set to get Modern Farmhouse Decor ready this spring.

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