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Monday Faith Fire Series #82 |The Most Stable Place On Earth

We can all carry so much doubt in our minds. And Mondays are sometimes no different than a Thursday. Some days are never the same just like not every week are the same. There are some similarities with slight variations during the week.

In times of doubt, fear, worry, and/or stress it’s easy to find one’s self wondering what the heck is going on! Why is this occurring! Why is the future troublesome for many? What’s causing the fear of what trust? These things begin to hold your heart and mind captive of your future abilities.

_DFMFS #82

The other day I was having some major doubt on some things. I forced myself to pause my thoughts and refocus, breathe through it, and use affirmative thoughts instead. I also began to have a silent conversation with GOD. I knew I could rely on my heavenly Father to guide me and give me direction. I also knew I place my burdens at His feet and He would guide me back to Him.  The most stablest place on Earth is GOD. We come and go, but He’s everlasting. Everlasting of our own fears and worries. He can withstand our fear for us. He can be trusted to protect our hearts and minds. He knows so much about us that you should never worry about such fears or doubts for your week and weeks. Put your love, trust, heart and mind in GOD.



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