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Monday Faith Fire Series #80 |No Fear

I know this too shall pass but right now, this is how I feel. Sometimes life is hard and sometimes some families seem to have a dark cloud over them. I am sure you know plenty of them or a person or yourself that seems to always experience some type of hardship. It’s not all at once but when it rains it pours! Daily stresses of making sure you don’t go under in your bank account, loss of job due to the environment, health, or marriage. Dwelling on thoughts over and over. These are things that demand our attention at once along with balancing all the other good things going on in your life.

#80 Be wiser

We can talk it out with family and friends but no one can fix it. They can feel for us or help out with some money or other things but still the hardship is something you walk alone with.  That’s how you feel, right? You feel as if there’s nothing that can help and continue feeling bad about it. I know if you are a verbal processsor, you have this dramatic need to tell all, share all, blame this one person in your life, and take all bad action and advice to heart. This can get you into some trouble to serious trouble.

NO! Don’t fall for that! Be wiser. Have no fear that wisdom is coming your way.  Vent but be wiser about it. Be wiser on how you put the venting out there. Do you really have to put that side of you on the internet? GOD already knows the real you. So instead ask GOD to sit with you and ask Him to hear you out. Sometimes you have to sit there and cry to out to Him. Cry out your frustrations. Cry and voice out what’s going on. GOD’s presence is always in us and constant. Sit and reach out to Jesus. In everything you do, ask GOD for continual wisdom. Have no fear that He is always near you.

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