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Monday Faith Fire Series #78 | Greater Monday

You either love a Monday or hate them? Which are you? And why do you think that is?

I am actually okay with most Monday’s. I don’t hate them nor do I love them with all my heart. Let me tell you a few things I do dislike and one of them is having an issue or problem. Any issue or problem. They can really mess up one’s week, days, or hours.

So, you have a problem and can’t let it go. It’s just eating you up inside nonstop. Constantly putting all the focus and mental effort onto this new problem in your life. Imagine the spiritual draining happening inside of you.

Now, if we could put the problem away and tuck it into a box for a few hours to allow you to have a greater Monday. To allow yourself a better week. To allow you to have a strong foundation for your work week or family week. To allow you to put the focus07132020 MFF #78 into something much much more greater than the problem at hand.  Nothing is greater than GOD.  He is greater than any problem we will ever have. Seek Him for your comforts, love, help, and guidance to enjoy a much greater Monday.

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