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Monday Faith Fire Series #75 | Look Again

Have on been on many journeys of my life where I had to take another look. A glance back. A double take mentally. When you are on your path or the path you have in mind, you know the path we think is just right for us. The path no one has a say so in it until that one day. That one moment. That one person. That one trip up. That one spark. That one nudge. That one small distant idea, voice, or intuition pointing us in the right direction.

Like a child waiting for their fav parent to get home from the grocery story with their fav cookies or chips but don’t find anything until they search the last bag. And there are them good goodies they had waited for all along. Like a wife eagerly waiting to open up their anniversary gift from the hubs but nothing happens until late in the evening when she thinks the night has ended. We sit there waiting and anticipating for something great to happen. But they don’t find anything until they look again.

06222020 look again

What I’m trying to tie this into is sometimes our faith gets low and when the blind man could not clearly see the blessing Jesus healed him with the first time. Jesus told him to look again. The blind didn’t say thank you and moved along thinking that was the best this well known man of GOD could do. He told Jesus, he could see but not clearly. Not apologetically.  Not in a demanding bold character. Jesus replied with look again. And then the blind man began to see. To see his vision clear. To see his kids and family now. To see the steps his feet took on the ground.

When faith is low, we need to look again. We need to feel again and know that Jesus is always there for us. We need to look again and see that blessings are coming our way. We don’t see what’s coming until we look again with clear eyes, mind, ears, and spirit.

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