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Monday Faith Fire Series #72 | You Got Back Up

Monday Faith Fire Series #72 | You Got Back Up

Don’t you love when you go see an action movie and the good guys always has a backup? Like Batman has Robin. Wonder Woman has her lasso. Knight Rider had Kit. I know I am dating myself, but you get the point. There is always some sort of back up. It is a good team that keeps everything in a good place. The bad guy wrestles or has the good guy pinned or cornered in some dark elusive vacant building no one can find. The good guy doesn’t really shake in their boots long because they know, just right around the corner their partner in crime is about to do a sneak attack from somewhere and together they get the villain.

mffs 72 You Got Back Up

Well, it’s the same for us. For everyone. We have a good partner in crime. We have GOD. We have Jesus. We have the Holy Spirit. We have goodness surrounding us everyday when we need help. Even in times when we feel we don’t need the help, the help is still there. When we fill stuck in a situation or stuck in spirit, GOD is our true partner in crime. You are never alone in any struggles in your life. He will speak to you with love, guidance, and strength in every thing you do. Find courage and wisdom in HIS love always.

I’m so excited to be sharing and creating! You friends have been inspiring us to create a headtastic experience to be shared this season! And you literally sold us out last time!

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I’m a self-declared headband bandit by default. My beautiful baby daughter is the one who inspired me to attempt to make her a monkey headband.  I love a good challenge. Wore a good one to the store and the store clerk was so impressed to know where did I buy it at? An idea sparked and has blessfully grown into these beautiful headbands!

I have been gathering all the good stuff, handcrafting and designing each individual headband with the same love that was put into it for my daughter when she first asked for her monkey headband! There will be no monkeys this time but plenty of fun color, glitz, and glitter all flipped into one!

For a limited time only!

Crafted in Texas. Crafted by a Mom.

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