Blessings of Life, Home, and Faith

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God said to Create! To not create is not sharing one’s gift.  You are a gift of GOD and HE bestowed in you wonderful gifts of all kinds.

Share the Flippin’ Fun is a blog on sharing blessings and spreading LOVING MESSAGES ON Life, Home, and Faith.  We are a site that anyone can relate too that loves Life, loves their Home, and loves their Faith. Share the Flippin’ Fun is a means to new beginnings and Blessings to help one out. It’s all about you and as we evolve and educate ourselves in happiness we seek to spread more blessings into this world. Because let’s face it, we need one another and our planet wouldn’t be whole without you.  We belong.

Originally site was created to be a creative design accessory company near Houston, TX. Started by creative Estela Kelley, the company has launched into an online site of Life, Home and Faith, sharing information with other creatives, some light cooking, gardening, home decor, some fashion, and home interior/exterior information.

Right now HE doesn’t need me but HE wants me in a certain capacity!

With Much Love, Grace, & Favor onto you!

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Create and give and Share the Blessings.  New podcast on Sharing the Blessings and what all that really means in my arena and this blog.



Importance Versus Urgency

Lead Me To Your Path

Be Faithfully Driven

Be Faithfully Driven

Shop the Season

Most of the items below have different color choices but these are a few of my FAVs!

When You Think You Can’t Anymore

When you think

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Examples of FALL DECOR that will inspire you!

What inspires you to make a cozy home the best and most inviting haven for yourself and family?  Here’s some examples of mine that made me super happy and excited about FALL coming in.  Fall maybe in but you still have 1 more week until October!

Front Door FALL Decor Share The Flippin Fun

Front Door Fall Decor is all about Faith & Family all wrapped in one like a big tamale. Hope you don’t get as misty-eyed as do when reminiscing.  Read more….