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Leave Your Business to GOD

Wanting to start something new,? Pick up something old? Try all the things?  Can’t get around to doing the new, old, or try all the things?  Ever wonder why and what is holding one back?  I know from 1st hand experience, it was my FAITH.  I’ve always had faith but not to this extent.  A relationship with GOD. The power of HIM.

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When I wasn’t so faithful to our GOD I was wavering through the waters. I was doggie paddling through the stream. I always had GOD in my life even when I was silent and quiet.  I know HE’s always there but I only needed HIM when I was in need.  But as the bad experiences have been removed from my life, I have been able to see HIS love and devotion for me. And so I need HIM all the time.  During the good and bad times.  So with knowing, feeling, and sensing GOD’s presence around, HE removed all the dust, removed the reconstruction of my heart, and instilled new pathways into my life. HE has allowed me to continue to grow and grow more strongly toward HIM.  HE has allowed me to build something from scratch with no experience.  HE has allowed me to begin to build new advances, ideas, thoughts, and see the things to physically become with trust and being in the know.  HE has done marvelous things in my business. I encourage one and all to leave your business to GOD and see the marvelous things HE has in store for you.

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