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Learn How Seasons Will Change Your Life

Seasons are interesting aren’t they?  Every season brings its own way of dressing. It’s cold and we bundle up.  It’s hot and we wear less.  It’s Spring and Fall and so we use light layers.  Do you see yourself mindlessly going thru the seasons or are you adapting to them? For example, when it’s winter, tasks carry a heavier weight to them.  Doesn’t it feel heavy to do something because one is we have to layer up more than normal.  So we feel stuck and less likely to “want” to do something.  The beginning of the New Year has just happened and so we are off track to taking more action due to the heaviness. That’s why resolutions in the turn of the year in the middle of winter hardly every materialize. And then Spring time comes along and so we are slowly shedding our layers off.  We want to do and see more.  In the Spring time we are ready to pick up all our “veggies, our crop”. Our baskets are getting full.  New Year resolutions really come to life. This is good time to follow thru.

You are in a season Estela Kelley SFF (1)

We are ready to do more, receive, and gather more.  And more is coming if you tended to your garden in a smart way in the Fall.  Less digress to the Fall because you cannot have a great Spring without a great Fall. In the Fall, you are lightly wearing some layers and these layers are for the good.  Did you set all your previous priorities straight?  Did you begin to set a path in the Fall for your Spring time gathering.  Did you layer in some foundation(s) for future prospering. Because if you did not, your Spring time baskets will not be so full and abundant.  We want to gather and pull from our past harvest to layer in some goodness into our baskets so we can get ready for the Summer season.  And in the Summer season, we “unshed” ourselves so to speak.  Less layers and we are confident in ourselves. We have now come to be in protective mode and hunt.  As we hunt, we keep our eyes and ear receptive to opportunities.  Opportunities are around us all the time but we need to keep our seasons in tack.  Care for yourself during the seasons and your life will change.

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