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Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #66 | Isn’t It Amazing How GOD Listens

Isn’t it amazing how GOD listens to your every whim of a prayer, every distress call of your life,  or every fidgety thought in your mind? GOD is amazing in every way. Even in the way HE communicates to us or through us.

The other day, my husband and I were near a fishing pier by a beach and as the day went along a yellow bee landed on my shoulder.  My daughter frightened me with her reaction as if it was a giant bug or spider so I chained reacted to her reaction. I scurried around trying to find something to bump it off my shoulders. A twig, a coke can, a fishing plier but nothing! I shook my shirt around until it flew off. I asked her what kind of bee? She replied with it was a bee. Not a yellow jacket or wasp? Nope. A regular bumble bee. I was wearing a blue shirt not a yellow shirt and at the beach! Where does a bee come out from no where and happen to land on my blue shirt?

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A few days later, I realized, (Yes a few days later, because I’m slow that way.) a bee landed on my shoulder wearing a blue shirt. Here’s my slow thought process as I was receiving GOD’s message. HE not only sent me a yellow pollinating bumble bee to me wearing a blue shirt, HE sent me a good sign. GOD is amazing! I have been having some silent thoughts in my head about the direction I need to go. And HIS answer was a yellow bee landing on a blue shirt. GOD is almighty and powerful and HE can move mountains. HE made a yellow bee land on my shoulders to answer my inner thoughts while I was at the beach. It’s super windy by any ocean and winds pick up and a yellow bee simply landed on me. You are a wonderful GOD and my provider.

As you go about your week, I hope and pray that you find your answers as well.


Estela K

SFF Headband Color Sheet

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I realize a lot of us have a ton of kids.  I know first hand the multitasking job to juggle all the kids let alone all the things at home and work.  I know! I had 3 kids in 2 1/2 years. One at my ankles, one on my hip, and one always trying to run away! And I also know how important it is for kids to have some downtime and have some creative time.

I came up with this SFF Headband Color Page. My husband hand drew this for you all! How manly of him! I think he did a phenomenal job!

We are raffling off 1 SFF Headband. We will need at least 50 individual participants to make it a fun & fair draw. Share and Tag a friend and family! Winner will be announced on April 30, 2020 10ish AM CT. Click on link here to be directed to Sign Up Page and begin your winnings.

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