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Is Your Sleeping Beauty Woke?

Is your sleeping beauty WOKE? How do you wake up? Are you waking up and jumping straight to doing your thing, run the family, wake up all the kids, dress for work and off everyone goes?  Did you know that upon waking you have finished the 4th watch?  Meaning that’s the time GOD comes to you: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Gospel of Matthew chapter 14: 23-47. He has many answers and has filled up your paths and feelings of abundance.  Joy comes in the morning.

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As you are slowly slumbering off the sleepy feeling and in your 2nd rolling of the sheets so as to enjoy every morsel of the last of your sleep, are you saying your thank you’s for the day? Thank You’s for everything? Are you allowing the greatness to come in, sit, chat, and leave a message to set the tone for you?

If you haven’t practice this great vibration of allowing great things to come, it takes time so be patient.  Before bedtime, before and throughout the day send praise, prayers, and gratitude of love for all HE’s done.  Wake up knowing and feeling that’s everything is going to be okay.  There are lot’s of trying times for us or perhaps seen as a test or distractions.  Only you can decipher what it is.  During those times continue to send praise, prayers, and gratitude of love and take notice upon waking up.  For the 4th watch is when HE speaks to you. So pray everyday just like our parent’s taught us too to have a pleasant feeling of waking up to then slaying your day.

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