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Importance Versus Urgency

How do you organize what is important vs. urgent?  Do you have a daily calendar to prioritize?  Do you mentally memorize your list everyday?  Do you have a chalk board where you jot it all down or on your phone calendar?  How do you separate it all when you say or agree it’s “Important” but don’t follow thru with the important work.  The important donation. Important helping hand.

Isn’t it just as important to set the priorities, follow thru than just feeling or making it important because it was jotted down.  Isn’t it important to act on them?  Or does some urgent daily matter take priority over the importance of what you say or agree upon? Daily matters such as sewing a button, starting the meal, washing clothes, etc. Yes, that’s all important but not set high as an important matter set in your heart from the source above.  Are these really urgent matters that should interfere with important matters sent from above?  Or are they excuses to state it’s important but then pushed back to the back burner even further than an urgent matter. Put priorities set forth from GOD into action. These priorities shouldn’t interfere with your daily matters. Really!  They shouldn’t if you prioritized everything according to Importance vs. Urgency.

Do these in the name of HIM and not for the reward of posting or bragging rights.  Or do you build up importance because of a social status, social ranking, or networking.  Is this important work because HE has asked you to walk in faith and do good deeds?  I hope so! Are you sharing your skills and talents in faith?  I hope so again! Is this important work benefiting you more than the work itself?  To a degree, I hope so!  I hope it’s putting a burning desire to share and not so for the reward.  HE will always be kind to those who are kindhearted and backed by kind words and deeds. You cannot be kindhearted or do kind deeds for the sake of constant rewards.  Give to expect.  That won’t work.

Maybe there’s an important message HE wants to learn from, in this important giving and you should adhere to HIS calling.  Perhaps HE is leading you to a path unbeknownst to you but you must follow through and do so with a kind heart, kind words, kind deeds and thoughts. Lead Me To Your Path

He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD,

and he will reward him for what he has done. – Proverbs 19:17

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